Devangelic "PHLEGETHON" - Batteria completata!


Marco Coghe (batterista della brutal death metal band romana Devangelic) ha terminato le registrazioni del nuovo album "PHLEGETHON" che verrà pubblicato il 27.10.2017 per la Comatose Music. Qui di seguito un paio di samples estratti dalle registrazioni presso gli Ex Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy).

New Devangelic album "PHLEGETHON" out on 27.10.2017 via Comatose Music!

PHLEGETHON is based on Dante's "Inferno"; the concept it's a kind of journey through the darkest and most brutal elements that characterize the masterpiece of the Greatest Italian Poet and will consists of 100% pure US Brutal Death Metal mixed with unrelenting guitar riffs, dark atmospheres, intense blasting and ultra guttural vocals. For fans of US Disgorge, Condemned, Disentomb! 

1. Plagued By Obscurity
2. Mutilation Above Salvation
3. Of Maggots And Disease
4. Malus Invictus
5. Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed
6. Condemned To Dismemberment
7. Wretched Incantation
8. Manifestation Of Agony
9. Decaying Suffering
10. Asphyxiation Upon Phlegethon
11. He Who Sleeps (Morbid Angel cover) *
12. Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed (Promo 2016)*

*Disponibile solo nella versione limitata in Digipack

Cover art by Sarafin Concepts
Drums recorded at Ex-Oblivion Studio (Oristano / Italy)
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at VT41 Studio (Rome / Italy)
Mixed and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions
Booking & Management: info@epidemic-agency.com


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