DARK HELM - premiere new track via DECIBEL MAGAZINE!

DARK HELM is a Progressive Death Metal band based in India; they have been treading the boundaries of Metal and have been experimenting by infusing sounds from the World Music scene into their brand of Extreme Music. Their writing is laden with heavy riffs with a sprinkle of some ancient, contemporary ethnic instruments (like Sitar, Kyoto, Santoor, Saz, etc.).

Today, the band premiered their first track from the- forthcoming album entitled- 'Hymnus De Antitheist'. The track 'Obey' is now officially premiered via

The band’s guitarist/ composer, Mohanish says, “This album is the sum total of all my hatred towards the state of humanity today. Let me clarify though; Over the past few years I have noticed my stance harden, as a rational thinker. My belief that "divinity is poison" has grown from a mere commentary on the human condition to a desperate need for a global change (if we are to survive the coming of age of the human race and become an advanced civilization worthy of wielding the tools we create).” He further adds, “I absolutely and equally hate the idea of "New Age" spiritualism (crystal healing, myths about pineal glands, quantum mysticism, etc) and every pseudoscience scientific schmuck (Deepak Chopra and Rhonda Byrne's names come to mind) trying to make a quick buck. I also detest ignorant people who establish their allegiances to political parties rather than political stances (people who go "I love Mr. /Mrs. XYZ, hence every policy he/she suggests is a good one"). I hate unregulated "Organic food" that gets sold under the guise of being good for you, while harming the earth's resources and the fear mongering and misrepresentation of GMOs that goes with it. I hate homeopathy, mystics, gurus, astrologers, anti-vaxers, "Vastu Experts", flat earthers, 432hz'ers and every other ENEMY OF REASON. They have made people's insecurities and ignorance into a multimillion dollar industry.”

DARK HELM- Obey | Track Premiere

DARK HELM's album- 'Hymnus De Antitheist' can be ordered here. 

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