VENEREAL BAPTISM: il nuovo album "Repugnant Coronation of the Beast" esce a fine settembre

I black metallers statunitensi VENEREAL BAPTISM pubblicheranno il loro terzo full-length, intitolato "Repugnant Coronation of the Beast", il 27 settembre 2019 per Osmose Records. Di seguito tracklist e artwork.

1. To Castrate Angelic Grace
2. Venereal Fucking Whore
3. Uncleansed in Celestial Mortification
4. Repugnant Coronation of the Beast
5. Blasphemous Sarin Execrations
6. Unfuckable Pacifist Gutterslut
7. Abhorrent Cesspool of Lesser Human Vessels
8. Pestiferous Pious Deflorations
9. Born of Lascivious Degradation
10. Aborted at the Foulest Pit of Hell

Adversor - rhythm guitars & production
Fermentor - lead guitars & vocals

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